New Web Startup Takes Aim at Unproductive Meetings

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SAN DIEGO, March 25, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A new startup based in San Diego has developed a web tool that businesses and organizations can use to improve the effectiveness and productivity of their meetings. 

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"RateMeeting is the product of thousands of hours spent in ineffective meetings," said Kelvin McGrath, the lead developer and founder of RateMeeting.  Having worked for multiple meeting-heavy corporations, he decided to put his programming knowledge to use developing a product to help companies streamline the way that they staff and conduct meetings.

"Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought, 'What a waste of time. I could actually get some work done if I wasn't sitting in meetings all day.' At most large companies, employees waste far too much time in meetings. That ends up costing the company in both lost productivity and higher employee costs. RateMeeting can fix that," said Bruce Herbert, RateMeeting's president and co-founder.

A recent study by Atlassian sheds some light on how bad work meetings can get.  91% of meeting attendees reported daydreaming during meetings.  73% did unrelated work during meetings, and 39% reported having fallen asleep during a meeting.  McGrath and Herbert saw a big opportunity for improvement.

RateMeeting was originally a simple email product that would allow meeting attendees to rate meetings via email and send average scores to other attendees. McGrath and Herbert teamed up to turn the early concept into a comprehensive web tool. The new RateMeeting, currently in beta, can be used for complete analysis of meeting and attendee data, 360-degree feedback, and cross-company and cross-industry benchmarking. 

RateMeeting competes with productivity and human resources tools like ViewsOnYou, StrengthsFinder and MeetingSphere, but believe their platform's statistical and analytical capabilities set them apart.

Michael Messner, head of business development, hasn't been impressed by the competition.  "Most software that claims to improve work performance focuses on murky criteria like 'the color of your leadership style.'  We wanted to create a tool that provides managers with actionable data about their employees' meeting habits that can immediately be put to work improving the bottom line."

The team is focusing their sales efforts on large corporations and their consultants.  They've also seen early interest from governmental organizations.  "We have about 200 clients using the tool right now, including some within the Australian municipal government.  Inefficient meetings aren't the province of corporations alone," said McGrath.

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