Stephen Colbert Just Gave Away All Of His Super PAC Money To Transparency Groups And Sandy Relief

Business Insider

Stephen Colbert launched a one man crusade on Super PACs this year, creating one to demonstrate the legal loopholes and financial acrobatics that can be accomplished with one of the new Independent Expenditure Only PACs. 

Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow ended the election with $773,704.83 in the bank.

Colbert sent that over to a newly registered 501(c)3, the Ham Rove Memorial Fund. 

"Ham Rove" was a ham that Colbert would take political advice from and later stabbed. 

The money was distributed to the following organizations, finally closing the door on Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow:

The remaining funds — $273,704.83 — were split between two pro-transparency groups. 

Here's the full letter:

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