Stock funds worldwide have $1.3 bln outflow - BofA


NEW YORK, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Investors in funds worldwidepulled $1.3 billion out of stock funds in the latest week,marking the second straight week of withdrawals from the funds,data from a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research reportshowed Friday.

Emerging market stock funds had outflows of $2.1 billion inthe week ended Oct. 2, marking their first outflows in fourweeks, the report said, which also cited data from fund-trackerEPFR Global.

Investors pulled $900 million out of bond funds, reversingthe prior week's inflows of $4.5 billion. High-yield junk bondfunds attracted $1.3 billion in new cash, marking their fourthstraight week of inflows.

Emerging market bond funds had $200 million in outflowsafter inflows of $600 million the prior week. Funds that holdTreasury Inflation Protected-Securities also had outflows of$200 million, marking the 25th straight week of withdrawals fromthe funds.

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