Students Now Accelerating Their Own Degrees and Graduating Faster

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The popularity and attraction of accelerated degrees have got many students wanting to quicken the pace of their degree, whether they're enrolled in an accelerated program or not. With colleges and universities now catering to a student's every demand in order to compete for their enrollment, it's possible now to accelerate a degree in even the most traditional and non-accelerated degree program.

Why Acceleration

More and more students are choosing acceleration because of the offer of a faster degree. With the skyrocketing costs of education, many students can't afford to turn down a salary for 4 to 5 years while they pursue their bachelor's degree. Plus, an accelerated degree usually costs students less money in the end than a non-accelerated degree.

The same phenomenon is occurring at the graduate school level as well. Many people are finding that a job promotion or raise is only possible with a graduate degree in their field. By accelerating a master's degree, for example, students can often finish their entire degree in just one year and secure the position they really want in their field.

How Students Are Making It Happen

The primary ways in which students accelerate their degree is by coming into a program with a lot of transfer credit and by taking advantage of accelerated options in their program. More and more schools are accepting credit from national exams like the CLEP or DANTES exams, but aren't necessarily advertising this acceptance. Many students are also completing a number of their required hours through online programs or at their local community college. A lot of states require schools to accept and transfer these credits.

Another way students accelerate their degree is by taking advantage of summer semesters and accelerated courses through their primary institution. Many colleges offer 2 terms over the summer, making it possible for students to earn twice as many credit hours as they would during a regular semester. So even if students aren't enrolled in an accelerated program, they can still shave off up to a year from their completion time by taking summer classes.

Taking Their Degrees into Their Own Hands

Students who accelerate their own degrees are ambitious and take the initiative. These acceleration methods require that students seek them out. An advisor or other school representative may be able to help students understand their options for acceleration, but students are on their own for the most part in speeding up their degree. Luckily, there are web resources available that can help students get started on acceleration and gain an edge over their peers.

Tips for Acceleration

The web is a great resource for students looking for acceleration tips.  Websites such as provide students with in depth instructions and advice for accelerating degrees both within accelerated and non-accelerated degree programs. can also match students with the best types of degrees and programs for their career goals. specializes in online education, a prime way in which students can quicken the pace of their degree.

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