Studio Lux to Introduce 21st-Century Lighting to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire -03/20/12)- Studio Lux, LLC, a Seattle-based lighting design firm with offices in Los Angeles and London, will be joining the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Big Green Zero as a partner in the Energizing Taliesin West™ program. Lighting designer Christopher Thompson and his firm Studio Lux ( will bring 21st-century lighting technology and design to Frank Lloyd Wright's 1937 laboratory for sustainable architecture.

A component of Taliesin West's 75th anniversary celebration, the Energizing Taliesin West™ program combines energy-efficient technologies with solar power production to create a grid-neutral campus, or what the Foundation refers to as a "Big Green Zero." Studio Lux's lighting design and retrofit projects will demonstrate how to sensitively adapt energy-efficient lighting to a historic environment.

Modeling the way for industry and consumers

At Taliesin West, Studio Lux will provide instruction for students, design professionals and consumers about emerging technology in the lighting world. Thompson says, "We will demonstrate through our instruction and designs how these lighting technologies are transferable to everyday use in homes and businesses. This supports the vision of the Energizing Taliesin West program: to identify cost-effective methods, showcase energy-conserving products, and promote the integration of sustainable-energy technologies into the practice of sustainable building design."

"Frank Lloyd Wright envisioned the Taliesin West campus as an ever-changing sketch. He invited his then-and-future students to fill in the lines as culture, technology, architectural design and materials changed. At Taliesin West, Studio Lux will serve in a multifaceted role. We will introduce lighting technology that advances the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation's goals, improves the quality of light in areas of the facility, and most importantly embraces the original design intent while using efficient, sustainable technology," Thompson adds.

Frank Lloyd Wright began building Taliesin West in 1937, as his personal winter home, studio, and architectural campus. The iconic property is located in the Sonoran desert in the foothills of the McDowell Mountains in northeast Scottsdale, Arizona.

About Studio Lux

Studio Lux, LLC is an architectural lighting firm that balances the art and science of lighting to create environments that heighten the human experience. In its worldwide portfolio of residences, museums, hotels and commercial venues, the firm marries thoughtful design with innovative and sustainable technology.