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TAURANGA, New Zealand, Aug. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Pragmatic advice on job survival too often concentrates on merely looking good for the boss. Being visible and networking, providing feedback and two way communication, raising solutions not just problems, seeking personal development opportunities, and importantly, not griping. But the challenges have shifted pace, weight, value and direction. And threaten ceaselessly.

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Published by Bookbaby Job Survival Today is available from ten distributors including Amazon and Apple Bookstore. Packed with practical, relevant, readily adapted, and on tap, help. At just $9.49 a copy. An audio e-book version is proposed.

Sure, employees are paid to do a job. If they don't - they deserve getting flicked. But workplace success today is also much more than personal vibes with employers. Nor is it limited to the relevance of job qualifications and performance. Employee attitude towards everyone within contact is vital. The rapid growth and span of contract and part time employment intensifies this realty. The tested advice in this e-book can be readily tailored for personal success. While lifting enterprise performance and employer/owner return on their human capital investment.

This e-book could also be titled – Job and Enterprise Survival Today. Fundamentally, does performance contribute not just to their retention but also the survival, then success, of the enterprise that pays for it? Enterprise failure overwhelmingly results from ineffective decision-making and implementation. With results depending on the processes used. The advice provided applies throughout an enterprise. Big or small, engaged in tradable products or the delivery of services, creating tangible goods or harnessing knowledge, private business or not for profit organizations, state sector or listed corporations. Whether white collar or blue, uniformed, or favouring jeans. Even the operation of a solo boutique shop can benefit.

Enterprises do not fail primarily because the competition has set out to slaughter them. They fail because of unintended suicide. By no longer satisfying their original or evolving usefulness. Through their misreading the operating environment and then making and implementing the wrong decisions. Individuals fail not just because of lack of relevance or even the standard of their knowledge and skills but can be through indifference or even active hostility to their workplace. With their physical and operating provisions viewed as active deterrents to effectiveness? Everyone then loses, except bankers and lawyers.

Today's job survival challenges are worldwide in origin. Threatening lifestyles. Scientific, technical, process and social changes - plus opportunities - are greater than ever. While political and regulatory goals are too often seen as handicaps rather than help. But letting cascades of failures go too far – we nearly all go broke. The penalties for error are now quicker, deeper and more brutal. These pressures are complex and stretch beyond the influence of individuals. Collective actions are essential.

By applying Job Survival Today employees - and employers - can help themselves and relevant decision-makers avoid making bad choices. The task for all is to assist the enterprise to take effective action. Job survival depends on it. The e-book content is applicable internationally, and highly valuable for salaried professional early to mid careerists. Providing an updater and checklist for C-level executives and directors. Separately delivering practical preparatory and positioning advice for college students and recent graduates.

With this investment via e-book access, and with selected app use, follows reinforced delivery of thoroughly practical sets of personal – and then collective - strengths. Prepared to master the evolving situation. Keeping Job Survival Today on tap, puts people on top of tasks and welcomed as constructive and valued players in increasingly challenging times. For them, and the enterprise, to survive all have to be.

Corporate universities and training staff plus HR divisions can use Job Survival Today as a handy and topical route for professional development objectives. Easily supplemented by specific local policies, processes, priorities and systems. Complementing MOOC and conventional delivery.

Anxious parents, grandparents, family friends and retirement village communities seeking powerful but highly practical gifts can also bundle copies of Job Survival Today with their own experience and commentary - without pushing inter-generational sensitivities too hard while aiding the responsibilities of new cohorts of potential wealth creators.

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