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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2013) - Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC) today announced Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (12.1) has achieved Russian government certification from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC), adding it to the list of the other Symantec security products it has previously certified: Symantec Data Loss Prevention, Symantec Endpoint Protection, and Symantec Control Compliance Suite.

In addition, Norton PC Checkup, Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager, Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Protection Engine and Symantec Critical System Protection have achieved certification from China's Ministry of Public Security (MOPS).

"Achieving FSTEC and MOPS certifications reinforces Symantec's commitment to regulatory compliance and to delivering trusted and proven security solutions for our customers around the world," said John Bordwine, chief technology officer of Symantec's Global Public Sector organization. "In today's world it is essential that solutions are put in place to protect the increasing amount of data that is stored in IT environments. These certifications provide companies worldwide assurance that Symantec solutions are compliant and can be deployed with confidence to protect even their most confidential data."

FSTEC is a federal body of executive authority responsible for implementing national policy, ensuring inter-departmental cooperation and coordination, along with special and control functions in state security. According to FSTEC and the Data Protection Act of Russia, establishments handling personal or confidential data are legally required to use certified security products. The type of certification required for a product depends on the data confidentiality class handled by the institution. A Technical Conditions (TU) certificate is required for organizations handling less confidential data and involves testing the product functionality to validate its compliance with technical conditions (black box testing). Organizations handling highly classified data (class 1) require a Non-Disclosed Functionality (NDF) certificate, which entails source code inspection and establishes the absence of undeclared capabilities in the product such as buffer overflows, debug passwords and covert channels. The previous releases of products which process confidential data, such as Symantec Data Loss Prevention, Symantec Endpoint Protection, and Symantec Control Compliance Suite, already achieved FSTEC certifications in Russia.

Additionally, Norton PC Checkup, Symantec Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager, Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Symantec Protection Engine and Symantec Critical Systems Protection all achieved certification from the Ministry of Public Security (MOPS) of the People's Republic of China. MOPS is the principal police and security authority of the mainland of the People's Republic of China and the government agency is responsible for day-to-day law enforcement. MOPS also enforces the ruling that both hardware and software security products made available for sales in China require a valid sales permit.

MOPS and FSTEC certifications enable governments to enact regulations intended to protect data. The compliance with these regulations is controlled via audits carried out by the government appointed entities. Symantec's certifications enable organizations to meet the requirements of compliance by using certified solution.

"Symantec is committed to providing innovative IT security products that offer significant value to private and public sector customers," said Rose Quijano-Nguyen, certification strategist of Symantec's Global Public Sector. "Through the Symantec Corporation Worldwide Public Sector Enablement Program we are continuously working to improve our development efforts and business processes to ensure our products meet government regulatory compliance and the standards of organizations worldwide."

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