Talent Rover Addresses Challenges with Shift and Per Diem Scheduling

New Scheduler Allows Staffing Agencies to Easily Manage Thousands of Temporary Placements

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Talent Rover, provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, has launched Scheduler, a new feature that allows staffing agencies to manage shift and per diem scheduling at scale. A replacement for the complex spreadsheets, whiteboards and post-it note systems used to manage scheduling temporary placements, Scheduler reduces hours of tedious work into a simple web-based process.

Scheduler is designed around the challenges facing recruiters who make shift and per diem placements. Candidates get access to a Scheduler portal where they can enter their available days and times and then see their placements on a calendar. Recruiters look at a simple chart that shows every shift that needs to be filled. Automatic color coding makes it easy to spot which shifts are filled or not. The recruiter can then select an open shift, search candidates by their availability and then make the placement.

Search options allow the recruiters to narrow candidate selection by qualifications, specialty or any set of criteria a firm may wish to use. Instead of forcing recruiters to call every candidate for availability or scramble for replacements when a candidate calls in sick, recruiters can just search available candidates, make the change and call one candidate. Firms can also set Scheduler to send candidates automatic emails alerting them to schedule changes.    

Compared to typical planning systems, Scheduler provides significant advantages because it is native to the Talent Rover platform. This means that recruiters can produce analytics on candidate availability and utilization, and they can forecast revenue from placements. The newfound visibility and faster placement process gives agencies an opportunity to cut costs, lock placements ahead of competitors and save time on back-office tasks like data entry and invoicing.

"As we built Scheduler, we looked for ways we could reduce time, stress and manual work at every stage of the temp scheduling process," said Brandon Metcalf, COO of Talent Rover. "The result saves your recruiters' time and ensures that great candidates never sit idle. Like everything we offer in Talent Rover, the Scheduler is built around real recruiters, real challenges and real business objectives."

To learn more about Scheduler, contact Talent Rover for a demonstration.

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