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TORONTO, July 10, 2014 /CNW/ - TeachingKidsBusiness.com, announced that it has launched a Jobs-For-Kids Program.

"An innovative way to look at job creation is to start with a grassroots approach. If we gave every child a job to learn about responsibility, to develop skills, gain experience, understand business, how to earn money and build confidence; we would build a stronger foundation for future workers, entrepreneurs, small business operators and business leaders," says Jeff Brown Founder of TeachingKidsBusiness.com.

The goal is to hire 100,000 kids. For each job filled it will translate into a new small business created by a kid.

The businesses are based on selling e-books which in turn teach kids business. Online training is provided and parents play a supervisory role to ensure child safety. There are also opportunities for Angel investors and local small businesses to get involved in the program to help kids in their communities.

"Summer is a great time for kids to try different activities and business is a good choice to consider."  says Brown. "Kids are tech savvy, the jobs of the future will be in small businesses and more people will be self employed entrepreneurs; which are all considerations for our Jobs for Kids Program."

For more information on this program please visit the site at www.teachingkidsbusiness.com/jobs-for-kids.htm 

TeachingKidsBusiness.com is a social venture which has provided online business education since 2000 with over 2 million visitors. The site is rich with content to engage parents, teachers and kids at an early age (8 and up) to develop confidence, experience, business skills and explore career preparation for kids.

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