Tech Startup Hirenetics Introduces New Hiring Tool

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hirenetics Inc., an HR technology company, introduces a solution with compelling new tools for job seekers and employers. Created in the one-bedroom apartment of co-founder Jay Davies, Hirenetics eliminates the stacks of resumes that pile up on managers desks, while automating matching job seekers to jobs.

According to the Harvard Business Review, "80 percent of all hires fail within the first two years". Resulting in lost revenue, lost opportunities, and lower morale. In this job market, an employer can't afford a bad hire.

On other sites, employers post a job description and a job seeker submits a resume and waits for response. Typically, employers receive hundreds of resumes with not enough time to sort them. Job seekers have no way of knowing where they stand, or if their resumes are getting noticed. It often takes weeks before contact. Hirenetics' solution automates the process and removes the stacks of resumes. Job seekers never have to apply for jobs again.

Hirenetics' revolutionary approach gives employers the best-qualified job seekers based on experience, skills, education, and personality in a matter of minutes.  What's better?  Profiles are anonymous.

Hirenetics' offers further customization through its Hn personality matching technology. Employers' self-test employees with the personality test. Hirenetics creates a unique filter ensuring that employers find the right candidates.

Hirenetics' personality test is not the usual Meyers Briggs, or even the basic Big5 test, but a test designed with decades of accepted testing standards and the expertise of a Ph.D. in labor psychology. Once signed up, the Job Seeker Dashboard shows their rank next to other candidates. This unique feature allows job seekers to perform an anonymous competitive analysis to identify "missing skills".  Giving job seekers the knowledge to become more competitive.

Job seekers remain anonymous until they approve a video pre-interview request or an in-person interview request. Re-record the video as many times as needed before submitting. If the employer approves, a notification for a face-to-face interview will be sent.

Hirenetics "separates the wheat from the chaff" to hire efficiently, giving employers peace of mind that they have accurately chosen the right person. Job seekers know that their experience, skillset and personality are actually getting to the most compatible employers. Sign up today at A perfect job match awaits.  Profiles are free; first job postings are free too.

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