New Technology Guide Available at 2014 Auto Show

Automotive Expert Showcases New Auto Technology and Vehicles

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Washington Auto Show®, Washington D.C.'s largest public show and the Public Policy show on the national circuit, is pleased to announce that Washington Post syndicated columnist and recognized automotive industry expert Warren Brown will again release his top picks for the year's most impressive automotive technology advancements in his new guide to the 2014 Washington Auto Show, "All Things Connected."

In response to the overwhelming positive feedback for 2013's "The New Car Advanced Technology Guide", Brown's inaugural guide to the technologies on display at the Washington Auto Show, Brown has developed the brand new brochure "All Things Connected" for 2014. "All Things Connected" will highlight the motor vehicles and technologies that are leading the way in driver connectivity, advanced diesel and electric engines, autonomous driving systems and more. The guide will also contain a glossary of the "terms" the industry is using to promote these technologies.

"We are excited to once again offer this one-of-a-kind guidebook, written by an undisputed expert in automotive technology, to assist show guests through the technological advancements displayed," said Kevin Reilly, president of Alexandria Hyundai and chairman of the 2014 Washington Auto Show.

The print version of the "All Things Connected" will contain schematics, info-graphics and detailed explanations of new systems, as well as an exhibit map to let people know exactly where they can find and explore these "cars of the future."

"The automotive industry is changing dramatically to meet changing market challenges and needs, and more changes are on the horizon," Brown says. "We want to showcase vehicles exhibiting advanced technologies and provide attendees with show-and-tell photos of how these technologies work."

Some highlighted features will include autonomous driving systems, including park assist, collision avoidance and pedestrian alerts; driver connectivity, including hands-free communications, mobile service integrations and global navigation systems; fuel-efficient engine systems, including advanced diesel, hybrids and full electric; and many more automotive technology advancements.

A Columbia University educated journalist with more than 30 years of experience, Brown is recognized by automotive industry experts and area business leaders as the trusted source for trends, issues, technological advancements and industry analysis.

The guide will be available in locations adjacent to The Official Show Guide, as well as on the Washington Auto Show website,


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