TESSCO and Sunsight Instruments Announce Exclusive Availability of American-Made Antenna Alignment Tool to Improve Network Performance

Cost-Effective, Accurate AntennAlign is Only Alignment Tool Approved by All Carriers;

Maximizes the Coverage, Performance and Capacity of Public and Private Networks

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TESSCO Technologies Incorporated (TESS), a leading provider of the product and value chain solutions required to build, use, and maintain wireless systems, and Sunsight Instruments, a premier manufacturer of antenna alignment solutions, have announced that Sunsight’s AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) is now available exclusively through TESSCO. The highly cost-efficient AAT utilizes pioneering techniques and incorporates unique features to ensure that it is the most accurate, precise, and durable antenna alignment tool on the market, and is the only tool of its kind to be approved by all U.S. wireless carriers.

The FCC- and CE-Certified AAT is designed and manufactured in the United States and supports the ever-increasing demands placed on our 3G/4G/LTE networks by ensuring that the integrity of the carriers’ original RF designs/specifications is maintained during network deployment, installation and operation – thus improving network coverage, performance and capacity. With field-proven experience, the ability to precisely capture all essential measurements, and the most mounting options to fit any installed antenna setting, the AAT has demonstrated itself as a trusted, versatile solution for antenna installation, optimization, and troubleshooting. In addition to public networks, the AAT can also be used in point-to-point antenna installs in applications such as oilfields, railroads, and private networks.

Used on all antenna types, the all-in-one AAT integrates accelerometers, global positioning satellites, and laser range-finding to take precise antenna measurements (such as latitude, longitude, azimuth, mechanical downtilt, roll, AGL height, date/time). The AAT also utilizes a unique two-GPS approach for real-time measurements that are then stored in a secure format to ensure that the antennas are installed correctly the first time, eliminating costly site re-climbs and re-visits. In addition, the durable, Sunsight-exclusive noise-shielding design allows for the tool to work in “hot” RF environments in which other tools have failed.

“TESSCO is committed to supporting the wireless industry’s most demanding challenges by offering innovative solutions such as the AAT,” said Gerald Garland, Senior Vice President at TESSCO. “The long-term impact of Sunsight’s new technology is significant since it allows antennas to be installed correctly the first time, thereby enabling carriers and contractors to focus on network expansion rather than revisiting older sites.”

“Due to evolving needs and growth, carriers’ network designs are ever changing; the AAT enables tower crews to make required optimizations quickly and accurately by reporting both how the antenna was found, as well as how it was left,” said Sunsight Instruments Sales Director Marla Riggs.

Approximately 1,000 AATs have been successfully deployed – a number expected to increase in the wake of AT&T’s recent mandate (ATT-002-290-210) that states that the proper use of GPS-based methods for orienting antennas during installation or adjustment, is the recommended method for obtaining antenna azimuth measurements. To learn more about the Sunsight Instrument’s AntennAlign Alignment Tool, please visit www.tessco.com/go/sunsight.


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About Sunsight Instruments

Sunsight Instruments, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunsight Industries, is a development and manufacturing organization producing antenna alignment tools and antenna monitoring systems to support a variety of industries. The company is made up of Systems, Software, and RF Engineers from the telecommunications sector, combined with veteran NASA Mechanical and Electrical Engineers experienced in satellite sensor technologies. Strict requirements for high availability, reliability, and cost-effective repeatability are met in every Sunsight product design. The founders of Sunsight Instruments have a combined 50+ years of Engineering and Management experience, and are uniquely equipped to provide innovative solutions to industry problems.

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