There's A Lamborghini Cop Car On The Streets Of Dubai

Alex Davies
April 10, 2013

Dubai is well known for being a wealthy city where residents love their supercars.

But it's not only the rich and famous who drive top of the line vehicles: The city's police force has a Lamborghini.

Dubai's fleet of cop cars is getting a makeover, according to Vocative, and it's certainly a big step up for any police officers who need to chase down a criminal.

Here's one photo, from Twitter user @iCorazonMessi:

This is just too hot, bruh. #DubaiPoliceCar #OnlyInDubai…

— ᶥᵗˢMay™ (@iCorazonMessi) April 10, 2013

And another, from @sheikboflaseh:

#lamborghini #evabdator #dubai #dubaipolice #dubaipolicecar #exotic #luxury…

— محمد الفلاسي (@sheikhboflaseh) April 10, 2013

This isn't the only fancy cop car we've seen in Asia: One police department in northeast China has its own Porsche Cayenne.

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