Three days of John Dixon auctions bring in $2.67 million

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ATLANTA, Dec. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In its final three 2013 real estate auctions last week, John Dixon and Associates sold approximately 130 properties for a total of $2.67 million.

"We're winding up one of the best years in our history, and it's also been rewarding to watch the remarkable recovery of the real estate markets throughout the country," said John Dixon, president of the Marietta-based company. "As the year has progressed, we've seen steadily growing crowds, and there's every reason to expect more of the same in 2014," he said.

After the final three real estate events – two in Atlanta and one in Rome, Ga. – Dixon said he expects the improved market to result in more sellers adopting the auction method for portfolio management and private sales.

"Astute real estate investors have been building up their portfolios of properties to lease or sell, and that has produced results that have more prospective sellers taking notice. During 2014, I expect we'll see a broader range of property owners using the auction method, not only for foreclosed properties, but also as a tool to sell properties that may not fit their current investment needs," said Dixon.

"The auction method works just as well for properties owned by hedge funds, real estate investment trusts, and individuals, some of whom have been waiting for the backlog of unsold properties to clear. Now, things are settling down and it will be a good time for these owners to offer their properties at auction," said Dixon.

John Dixon and Associates is one of the nation's leading auctioneers of real estate, including commercial and industrial properties, office buildings, commercial and residential land, homes and condominiums. Individuals seeking additional information may visit or call 800-479-1763.

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