Is It Time to Change Banks?

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You’ve been banking at the same place for years. It’s comfortable, and you are used to the rules, schedules and fees. But times change — and so do costs and convenience of banking. Have you been asking yourself: Should I change banks? Maybe your bank fees are rising or your minimum balances and leaping upward. Maybe it’s just unpleasant to be doing business there. Whatever the case, changing banks might be the answer for you.

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If Your Bank Has Raised Its Fees

Honestly, this alone doesn’t have to mean the end of the relationship. If the fee raises don’t impact your accounts, then maybe it’s not time to change. But keep a close eye on future changes in case they do begin to impact you. And if those fees are costing you now, then it’s time to change banks.

If Your Bank Has Raised Account Minimums

Let’s say that you have a savings account with a balance that goes up and down, depending on the time of year. When the account minimum to avoid fees was $100, it was easy and gave you plenty of movement to access and protect your funds. But as that minimum crept up — first to $200, then to $300 or more — the account became less attractive. If your account minimum isn’t working for you anymore, then it’s time to change banks.

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If Your Bank isn’t Convenient Anymore

Maybe you moved. Maybe your bank did. Either way, it’s just not easy to get your bank since it’s out of the way. When your banking location isn’t convenient to you anymore, then changing banks is the solution.

If Your Bank Employees Are Rude

There is nothing worse than having to deal with rudeness. It certainly doesn’t make you want to continue doing business of any kind there, does it? If this happens to you, then it’s time to find a friendlier place to do all your banking.

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If Online Banking is Nonexistent

Look. It’s 2013. And while that scene in Sweet Home Alabama was cute when Reese Witherspoon’s character goes into her hometown bank and discovers that they don’t even have an ATM (“because you loose touch with the customers”), modern banking is different — and online offerings are an important part of good banking. If your bank is still minimal on the ATMs and online banking, then it’s time to step into the 21 st century with a new bank.

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