Top 10 states for foreclosure in April

Foreclosure filings fell 1 percent nationally from March to April. According to RealtyTrac, a California-based firm that tracks foreclosures, these states had the highest rates of foreclosure in April. Nationally, 1 in every 1,137 housing units received a foreclosure filing last month.

Did your state make the top 10 foreclosure list?

Top 10 foreclosures by state (for April 2014)

National foreclosure filing average: 1:1,137 housing units

States1Ratio of foreclosures2Rates3Income tax4
Maryland1:6244.35%2% to 5.75%
Delaware1:6574.37%Up to 6.75%
New Jersey1:7004.41%1.4% to 8.97%
Ohio1:7504.38%0.537% to 5.421%
Connecticut1:8874.32%3% to 6.7%
South Carolina1:8904.36%Up to 7%
  • 1States: According to RealtyTrac, these states had the highest rates of foreclosure in April.
  • 2Ratio of foreclosures: Ratio is based on the total number of properties entered into RealtyTrac's database during the month, broken out by type of filing.
  • 3Rates: Average interest rate charged in the state for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage based on's May 14, 2014, overnight averages.
  • 4Income tax: The range of taxes levied by states on personal income. The tax is based on earned and unearned income.

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