Top 5 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Get Through the Government Shutdown and Beyond

A Penny Too Many
October 16, 2013
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As Senators are closing in on deal to reopen the government, there has still been no vote in the house on a plan to end the fiscal crisis. While government employees are out of a job and many government services have been shutdown for the public, we came up with five smartphone apps that will get you through the government shutdown and beyond.

1. TaxACT

If you’re expecting a tax refund or you have tax questions, you’ll have to wait to actually get a response from the Internal Revenue Service, but you don’t have to wait to get your questions answered. Use a tax info app, such as TaxACT, to check your e-file status, get definitions for common tax terms, or browse the list of tax tips and info.


The government shutdown is a perfect example of when you may need to dig into your emergency fund. Especially if you’re one of the 500,000 government workers who have been furloughed, there’s never been a better time to ensure your finances are in tact. So that you have a grasp of your financial standing, use to manage all of your accounts in one secure place with one-password access. It’s free for consumers and it lets you easily manage your bills, finances, daily deals, travel rewards programs, subscriptions and more, helping you to simplify and organize your daily life.

3. Waze

For those of you who absolutely can’t stand traffic, Waze is the perfect app for you. With public transportation on a slowdown, more and more people will be on the road driving to their destinations. I can already feel the road rage coursing through your veins! Don’t worry, Waze is a perfect solution to bring that blood pressure down a bit.

With Waze you can find alternate routes, be alerted of accidents by other users, even be alerted that a cop is nearby (That is my favorite feature). This is one of my favorite apps because it has several cool features. It can save you a good deal of time for commutes, it could save you money on tickets, with its gas station finder you can find the best prices on gas, and there is plenty of other social features that make this app amazing. This app is so great it was even bought by Google for a billion dollars!

4. TripAdvisor

Because of the shutdown, hundreds of people had to put their plans on hold, whether it was a wedding on government property or a trip to a national state park. If you can’t cancel your trip and are looking for things to do, download TripAdvisor to learn about the best tourist destinations, restaurants and other activities that are still open. Just because the government is on lockdown doesn’t mean you have to be!

5. Yellowstone National Park – The Official Guide

The Official App for Yellowstone National Park from the Yellowstone Association includes all of the essential information you need to know to plan your trip to Yellowstone. Since the park is shutdown at the moment, you can experience the national park without leaving the house. Yes, you won’t get the nice fresh air, but hey you still get to explore the beautiful scenery.

With the government supposedly reopening any day now, use these apps to relieve some stress, get around town, eat safely, and visit some national parks and museums in the meantime.

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