Top Agent Network Members' Annual Home Sales Exceed $48 Billion

Professional Approach to Solving Non-MLS Industry Problems Spurs Rapid Membership Growth

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- San Francisco-based Top Agent Network, Inc. (TAN) announced today that its membership now exceeds 4,000, putting its top-producing real estate agents at the hub of $48 billion in annual home sales nationally.

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Top Agent Network's membership milestone represents a 78% increase versus a year ago, continuing a trend of accelerating year-to-year growth since the company's founding in 2009. TAN's footprint now extends to 30 chapters in 7 states.

Membership in Top Agent Network is by invitation only and restricted to the top 10% producing agents in local chapters around the country. In any given area, these top 10% producers are typically responsible for 3 out of 4 home sales.

At over 4,000, Top Agent Network's member agents collectively represent over 550,000 homebuyers, homesellers and homeowners. These clients spend an estimated $11 billion per year on real estate-related service providers.

Solving Problems Not Solved by Multiple Listing Services

TAN's business-to-business network changes the way top agents conduct their profession by tackling problems and creating opportunities outside the scope of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

TAN creates local online communities of top 10% real estate agents, enabling them to collaborate efficiently throughout the home sale life-cycle. This engagement starts before a property is listed on the MLS and continues to closing and beyond. On TAN, members exchange valuable non-MLS information previously only shared via word-of-mouth or in small networking groups. Categories include: Pre-MLS and Non-MLS Listings, Buyer Needs, Service Provider Recommendations and Industry Discussion. This community exchange gives members the earliest listing information available and invaluable professional insights. Members leverage this information to distinguish themselves from their competition and to provide better service to their clients.

Chicago member Debra Dobbs recently told Inman News, the industry's leading news source, how she uses TAN to her advantage: "Between the decision to list a home (and when the property is entered into the MLS) an agent has at least a week or more to either let the house sit unexposed to the market or give a 'sneak peek' through TAN. Also, not all sellers want to accommodate showings on a continual basis. Or they may prefer a more private marketing experience. TAN allows more control over the showing process in these situations." Ms. Dobbs has made several sales through Top Agent Network.

Top producer Tracy McLaughlin of TAN/Marin County described TAN as, "the #1 tool I discuss with prospective clients. Frankly, the only tool I consider more vital to home sales than Top Agent Network is the MLS itself."

Uniquely Professional Industry Solutions

Untold numbers of real estate products are introduced each year, seeking to attract and engage real estate agents. Most of the companies behind these products fall into one of three categories:

  1. Multiple Listing Services driven by the local Association of Realtors
  2. Websites started by a consumer frustrated with the home buying or selling process
  3. Side projects by active real estate agents seeking to bolster their own brand

In contrast, Top Agent Network is a well-funded and professionally staffed company created by a true top 1% broker and agent, CEO/Founder David Faudman. "During my 25 years as a top producer, I learned that in each market, the business is concentrated among a small handful of expert agents. These agents have great influence over the most highly qualified and motivated consumers anywhere." Mr. Faudman continues, "The real estate industry is very unusual in that fierce competitors must cooperate to sell their product." His understanding of top agents' unique challenges is central to Top Agent Network's success. "Our members and their need to best serve their clients is our #1 focus."

Ms. Dobbs concurs. "Ultimately, the best agents make certain the best interests of their clients are served."

Though Top Agent Network is national in its reach, the focus of exchange in each TAN chapter is strictly local, with expansion achieved on a chapter-by-chapter basis.

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