The Total Cost Of The 2012 Presidential Race Was Astounding

Business Insider

The two presidential campaigns and allied groups spent a whopping total of $2.23 billion on the presidential election alone, according to a calculation for Bloomberg's Gregory Giroux

The tabulation comes from looking at the two campaigns individually as well as the affiliated Super PACs and national party committees. 

The Democrats spent a total of $1.10 billion re-election President Obama. 

  • The Obama campaign itself spent $733 million
  • The Democratic National Committee spent $289 million
  • Super PAC Priorities USA Action spent $79 million

The Republicans spent a total of $1.13 billion in the failed attempt to elect Mitt Romney

  • The Romney campaign spent $479 million
  • The Republican National Committee spent $381 million
  • Super PAC Restore Our Future spent $154 million
  • Super PAC American Crossroads spent $117 million (although some of that was spent House and Senate races) 

All told, this was by far the most most expensive election in U.S. history. 

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