Transparent Data Access from AMTdirect Makes It Easy for Commercial Real Estate Managers to Merge Data, Make Informed Decisions

SaaS solution provides simple way to eliminate commercial real estate data silos

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- AMTdirect, the leading real estate software provider to retailers, healthcare systems and universities, today announced the release of a new function, Transparent Data Access (TDA), that eliminates data silos and enables informed decision making. TDA merges data from diverse locations like excel, access or other data sources and consolidates that information into a single location. With TDA, companies can efficiently generate the reports they need to make sound strategic decisions without the hassle of compiling custom-built reports.

Since 1999, AMTdirect has provideduser-friendly software and consulting services that help real estate professionals manage assets intelligently and efficiently. TDA is the latest innovation from AMTdirect. Corporate real estate managers, retailers, healthcare providers and higher education facility managers nationwide trust AMTdirect to handle the most complex real estate portfolios.

According to Daniel Schubert, President, AMTdirect, the initial adoption of real estate management software addressed the basic functions most companies needed to administer their real estate portfolios. However, some found it necessary to use spreadsheets, ancillary databases and additional software to track and report non lease-related issues that affected their portfolios. "This resulted in huge silos of information," Schubert said. "A major disadvantage of that method was that the data was not readily available when users needed it."

With TDA, AMTdirect is driving the concept of true location life cycle management, bridging the silos of information, according to Schubert.

"Location life cycle management starts with site selection, moves through operations, profitability, space management, personnel and more," Schubert said. "In fact, it addresses anything that contributes to the success of a location. Typically, it would take multiple products to manage these different parts of the life cycle. However, AMTdirect's TDA pulls all of this diverse data into a single source and gives users the ability to generate and compile customized reports and graphics as often as needed."

According to one large retail customer: "As an AMTdirect client, we are excited about the new TDA function. It will help free up resources previously used only to compile, merge and distribute spreadsheets, ultimately allowing for more overall productivity."

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