Utility Stocks Make a Comeback with Improved Economy


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New York City, New York - Markets are currently in a correction mode after creating new all time highs. However, the economy shows steady improvement and the impact is clearly visible on essential sectors like utilities. Companies like Westar Energy Inc. (WR) have improved their performance as shown by their quarterly numbers. The company is also expanding its business by entering into new collaborations. However, not all companies are above the water yet. TransAlta Corp. (TAC) reported weak quarterly results. However, it has taken stringent measures to curtail its costs and boost its profitability.

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Westar Energy Inc. recently reported encouraging fourth quarter results. The company reported its revenue at $523.8 million, beating consensus estimate of $503.1 million in revenue. It also increased its revenue by 7.7 percent over previous year quarter figure. Westar Energy earned 36 cents per share in net income for the quarter. It was expected to report its earnings per share at 20 cents per share. The company’s stock gained 19.26 percent in the past 52 weeks and it is expected to keep up this momentum as Westar projects that it will earn $518.1 million in revenue for its first quarter. Its EPS for the quarter is likely to be at 31 cents per share. Our free research report onWestar Energy Inc.can be downloaded upon registration at


Westar Energy Inc. is up 18.29 percent on a YTD basis. It also offers 4.11 percent dividend yield, making it an ideal candidate for an income portfolio. The company is also anticipated to boost its performance as it recently received approval for its high voltage transmission project. Westar Energy will develop and own southern part of the line. The project will help the company in enhancing its position in the market. On the downside, the company CEO and President Mark A Ruelle sold 15,000 of the company shares at $31.93 a piece. Insider selling is considered a negative sign by many analysts. However, despite this instance of insider selling, Westar Energy has good upside potential.

Conversely, TransAlta Corp. offers a hefty 7.75 percent dividend yield as it recently announced its quarterly dividend at 29 cents per share. However, the stock also lost 21.9 percent of its value in the past 12 months. The company is likely to remain in a bearish mode in the near future as its fourth quarter net income figure failed to meet expectations. At 21 cents per share, its EPS lagged behind consensus estimate of 28 cents per share in net income. However, its quarterly revenue at $663.2 million surpassed analysts’ expectations of $648.8 million in sales.TransAlta Corp.free research is available today at


TransAlta Corp. is currently realigning its business structure. The company announced plans to reduce its headcount by 165 and its one-time charge for the fourth quarter stood in the range of $10 to $15 million. However, in the long-run, the initiative is expected to save $25 million to $30 million in costs. Despite, the company’s lackluster performance in the recent past, TransAlta is projected to fare better in the future owing to its drastic business restructuring efforts.

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