Valdez planning PR campaign on pipeline

City of Valdez hoping to mount public relations campaign on large gas pipeline

Associated Press

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) -- The city of Valdez wants to mount a PR campaign to tout the benefits of an "all Alaska," large-diameter gas pipeline.

This comes with a bill pending in Legislature that would advance a smaller in-state line to help meet Alaskans' energy needs, getting the project to the point of an open season, where officials can see if it is viable.

Gov. Sean Parnell has said his administration is pursuing both projects on parallel paths.

Valdez City Manager John Hozey says he doesn't consider the projects compatible. He says a big line would be better for Alaska, in terms of revenue.

Valdez, which would like to be the terminus for a major project, is looking to build a campaign around the concept of: "This is Alaska and size matters."

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