Vanbridge Holdings, Ltd. Selects Universal Insurance Services in Strategic Alliance

Insurance intermediary, capital markets advisory, life insurance and executive benefits combine to advise the Private Equity, Corporate and Funds Space.

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NEW YORK, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Vanbridge Holdings Ltd., an insurance intermediary and capital advisory firm has announced a strategic partnership with Universal Insurance Services, considered one of the most innovative life insurance and advisory distribution firms.

Philip V. Moyles, Jr., Managing Principal & CEO of Vanbridge, has appointed Ronald E. Long, a former Vanbridge principal, as lead for this new partnership. Mitchell K. Smith, Managing Partner of Universal Insurance Services, will work in tandem with Mr. Long to offer a unique, creative and innovative platform they believe unmatched in their space.

"For the past several years we have patiently observed the marketplace and its competitors; we believe this partnership brings together the best intellectual capital from the Executive Benefit and Life Insurance industries," said Mr. Moyles.

This strategic partnership will offer a broad range of solutions to include consulting and advanced planning for Private Equity and/or their portfolio companies, RIA's, Funds, High Net Worth Individuals, Insurance Firms and Corporations. Its distinctive model is not product or carrier specific and maintains a purely objective strategy when analyzing the life insurance, disability, long term care and executive benefits marketplace.

Mitchell Smith commented, "Our combined experience in the insurance, private equity and financial industries, as both the advisor to the "buyer" and advisor to the advisor, has allowed us a unique perspective. We have services and options available to our clients we believe no one else can offer."

Universal Insurance Services has the capabilities to focus in on solutions and pricing not typically obtainable, effectively and efficiently securing life insurance and executive benefit strategies for their clients. In addition, they have access to exclusive products, such as a high income disability program, available worldwide, which allows for extraordinary amounts of protection on a guaranteed issue basis with very limited restrictions. Their work also includes life insurance structures that can reduce the expense of traditional plans by measurable percentages.

"We realized there was a gap in the options, objectivity and creativity offered, even by the largest of firms. Combining what we believe to be the best in insurance brokerage, financial advisory services and private equity experience we have created an exclusive resource for this space," stated Ron Long.

About Universal Insurance Services

Universal Insurance Services is a life insurance and financial advisory distribution firm, which consults, advises and coaches professionals around the country. Universal serves high net worth individuals, corporate, private equity, executive benefit, RIAs, insurance agents, attorneys, CPA's, investment organizations, broker dealers and general agencies, as an objective specialist. Attaining the best possible solutions for their clients, through advanced planning techniques, underwriting, carrier and product support, sales assistance and more, Universal anticipates, innovates and educates, allowing their client's to focus on what they do best.

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About Vanbridge

Vanbridge is an insurance intermediary, capital advisory and insurance and reinsurance management firm. Their clients are private equity funds, hedge funds and other investors, insurers, reinsurers and banks. A unique interdisciplinary team, combining professionals with decades of experience, Vanbridge is capable of bridging the languages, cultures and financial interests across the spectrum of traditional insurance and the capital markets. Owned by a team of leading strategic investors, each providing Vanbridge and their clients an unparalleled set of contacts, relationships and resources, they are the successor to Sharebridge Private Equity Consolidated, a specialty insurance intermediary.

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