VINCI FY 2013 - Interview with Chairman & CEO Xavier Huillard

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VINCI, the world’s largest concession and construction group, has recently reported full-year results for 2013. VINCI Chairman & CEO Xavier Huillard comments on 2013 results and outlook for 2014.

Watch video and read transcript:,2014-02-10,1089?utm_source=ceo-direct&utm_medium=bw

Topics covered in the interview include:
- 2013 results
- Concessions
- Contracting
- Home markets
- Asset portfolio
- 2014 outlook

About VINCI:

VINCI is the world leader in concessions and construction, employing close to 193,000 people in some 100 countries. We design, build, finance and manage facilities that improve everyday life: the systems that transport us, the public and private buildings in which we live and work, the urban developments that create and improve our communities, and the water, energy and communication networks vital to human existence.

As a private sector company contributing to the development of society, VINCI successfully blends a business focus on today’s priorities with the long-term sustainability of its accomplishments and integrated concessions-construction business model.

Company website:

Press contact:
Maxence Naouri, +33 1 47 16 31 82
Investor relations contact:
Christopher Welton, +33 1 47 16 45 07


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