Violent Clashes Erupt In Egypt's Second Largest City

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Clashes have erupted, reportedly involving live ammunition, in Alexandria, Egypt between supporters of ex-Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and those who support the military's power move to oust him.

One of the pictures floating around purporting to be a massive Pro-Morsi march is actually from an anti-Morsi march from last week.

But there are credible photos from the ground that show a large Pro-Morsi crowd on the streets of Egypt's second largest city.

A huge crowd just passed by the street where i am in mahatet Masr in old #Alexandria "down down with military rule" they chant #Egypt

— shaimaa khalil (@Shaimaakhalil) July 5, 2013

pro-Morsi protest in #Alexandria (can't confirm which area though) (via Asma Samir) #Egypt

— Amro Ali (@_amroali) July 5, 2013

Report from @Repent11: Security forces trying to contain clashes in Alexandria after firing tear gas. #Egypt

— Patrick deHahn (@patrickdehahn) July 5, 2013

Now at #Alexandria #Egypt Anti-coup protesters

— Legitimacy = Dignity (@zehzahi) July 5, 2013

Shooting has just taken place in pro-Morsi rally in Victoria, East #Alexandria via #Alex Eyes #Egypt

— Amro Ali (@_amroali) July 5, 2013

Earlier  three people were killed  in front of a  major military building  in Cairo.

It seems Egypts intense turmoil is far from over.

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