VoiceCover.com Offers Job Applicants the Chance to Stand Out With 'Verbal Cover Letter'

New VoiceCover platform allows job applicants to personalize cover letters with audio recordings that better address their qualifications and experience

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MONTREAL, June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- VoiceCover.com has become one of the first companies to introduce audio into the online job application process with its new VoiceCover platform.

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Now recruiters can audition job applicants and job seekers can further help themselves stand out from the competition by recording their story in their own words.

"The Internet has made applying for jobs so much easier that most openings are swamped with applicants," said Aref Amiri, founder of VoiceCover. "It has become extremely hard for applicants to stand out and for recruiters to quickly separate qualified candidates."

"We created the new VoiceCover service as a solution to this growing problem," Amiri said. "VoiceCover is a more humanized cover letter that lets applicants add a personal note to their application."

VoiceCover basically serves as a "verbal cover letter" allowing job candidates to tell their story in their own words and better pitch themselves by speaking directly about their qualifications and experience.

The unique, new service also allows recruiters to ask applicants a question to which the applicants can record an answer. This information can greatly help in the applicant screening process.

VoiceCover follows the online job application process, only instead of a cover letter, applicants can add a one-minute VoiceCover to their application in which they explain their qualifications and/or answer an employer-posed question.

"VoiceCover is leveling the playing field for job applicants," Amiri said. "Now candidates won't miss out on jobs they are qualified for simply because of a poorly written cover letter. VoiceCover is also making recruiters' jobs easier by fostering interaction with applicants right at the beginning of the process instead of later down the line when many man hours have already been wasted."

The company also offers Total Talent Reach (TTR). It is a service in which every paid job posting is distributed to over 1,000 major job sites so that recruiters are assured of attracting as many quality applicants as possible while not having to waste time analyzing and selecting individual job boards.

To learn more, please visit www.VoiceCover.com. The site is offering one free job posting to every recruiter who signs up. Job seekers can create a profile for free.

About VoiceCover.com

VoiceCover is a groundbreaking job posting site that has introduced the power of audio into the job application process. Now hiring managers and recruiters can prescreen candidates by asking in advance the question that matters the most and learning the answer in the candidates' own spoken words ... and job seekers can make a personal presentation using the power of their own voice with every application submitted.

VoiceCover is where recruiters and candidates save time, money and energy and interact sooner … rather than later.

Media Contact:

Founder: Aref Amiri

Phone: 514-585-6976


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