Vringo granted multiple telecom infrastructure patents

May 2, 2013

Vringo announced that multiple patent applications in Vringo's telecom infrastructure portfolio have been granted. The following patent applications, which Vringo acquired last year, have now been granted: European Patent No. 1,579,640, entitled "Scheduling Retransmission in Access Networks"; European Patent No. 1,073,295, entitled "Internal Roaming"; Chinese Patent No. 200680036107.5 and its Macao extension entitled "Method, Device, System and Software Product for Providing System Information to Enable Packets Switched Handover"; Hong Kong Patent No. 1,108,311B and its Singapore counterpart, Patent No. 154,528, both entitled "System and Method for Informing a Sender of a Message of Content Adaption and Message Failure Issues". The granted European Patents have left the European Patent Office and are now in the jurisdiction of various national offices. These patents will be validated nationally in the relevant member states in due course. The European Patent Office has also sent a notice of intention to grant European Patent No. 1,719,352, entitled "Packet Switched Handover in a Mobile Communication System, During which a Mobile Node Receives Packets from a Source Node and a Target Node". On April 24, the State Intellectual Property Office granted Chinese Patent No. ZL201010526581.4, entitled, "Method for Transmitting a Sequence of Symbols". An extension in Macao will follow in due course.