W2BI, Inc. Announces New Smart Device Automated Scenario-based Testing Capabilities for VoLTE and NFC

...New functionality brings expanded choices of device certification platforms to mobile operators, device makers, and labs

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W2BI, Inc., a member of the Advantest Group (ATE), announced today that the company has released two new capabilities powered by new functionality for its test automation platforms – QUIKSTRESS™, Q-DAAT™, and QUIKPROBE™. W2BI focuses on delivering device test automation solutions for the global wireless industry.

The first is a robust end-to-end multiple User Equipment (UE) VoLTE testing capability for LTE smart devices, which simulates the user experience, as well as controls the device OS, modem, network, and backend systems.

The second is a new NFC testing capability which automates scenarios across multiple device models, increasing compatibility and compliance for bumping, purchasing, and other applications.

The company also introduced new functionality for QUIKSTRESS which allows testers of Android devices to easily record macros and have these play-back across different models and manufacturers. This enables an infinite number of end-user scenarios to be tested in the lab, field, or repair environments.

Today’s announcement brings expanded choices of device testing to mobile operators, device makers, and independent labs, and builds on the strength of W2BI’s system and scenario automation products for the wireless industry.

“W2BI is excited to offer these new enhancements which enable more realistic scenario-based testing for smart devices, and to assist the wireless industry in bringing higher quality devices and services to market worldwide," said Derek DiPerna, President of W2BI, Inc.

About W2BI

W2BI, Inc. is an Advantest Group company and a global leader in wireless device test automation products. Serving the world’s top wireless operators, suppliers, and labs, W2BI’s software assists customers worldwide to significantly improve their device quality and time-to-market. W2BI was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in New Jersey with offices worldwide. W2BI was acquired by Advantest Corporation (ATE) in 2013 and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary.

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