Wall Street Webcasting Presents: Wells Fargo Securities: “Continued Weakness in the Euro Zone Suggests a Downward Move for the Euro.”

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Wall Street Webcasting has prepared and provided for you an exclusive broadcast of Wells Fargo Securities own, Rich Gordon. Gordon is highly recognized for his weekly narrates regarding the fixed income strategy at Wells Fargo Securities (NYSE:WFC). This week, Gordon concentrates on the socially impaired bearings that are continually being displayed in Washington, the complications in the Middle East and Europe, and the affects that this is all carrying on the U.S.’s economic stability.

Both the basic and the specialized data imply to our analysts that there may be a “leg-lower” in the Euro over the next few months. The employment rate is one of the most important factors in determining the comprehensive economic strength that exists between two territories. The linked numbers of the unemployed and the underemployed is an additive that the U.S. uses to the “headline” unemployment rate. By these standards, the true U.S. unemployment rate is more convenient to the range of 13.60%, rather than the commonly quoted 7.20% number. Same goes for the unemployment rate in the Euro Zone. The number is much closer to almost 21.00%, once you couple the unemployed with the underemployed.

The problems in the Middle East and Europe have been put on the back burner because of the insecurity in the U.S.’s government. This has caused a fluctuation in the correlation between the Euro and the S&P Index. The interaction of the Euro and the S&P began the year at 0.60%. However, this analogue between the two began to break down during the Spring, and is currently at one if its lowest points seen throughout the year.

To draw a more in depth understanding of combined unemployment and underemployment rates, and the interplay with the Euro and the U.S. dollar, please tune into Wells Fargo Securities’ latest video.

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