Wayfare Enables Application Modernization with Progress Pacific

New Progress PaaS offering helps software providers and EMEA customers keep pace with the rate of technological change

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Progress (PRGS) has announced that Wayfare is the first EMEA-wide service delivery partner for its new Progress® Pacific™ platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Wayfare provides cost-effective near-shore software solutions for a range of customers, including Rentokil and IAP, and partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Wayfare is using the Progress Pacific platform to help customers and partners modernize both Progress and non-Progress based applications and take advantage of new mobile, cloud and data integration technologies. Using the portfolio of Progress Pacific tools, Wayfare’s team has been able to incorporate new sets of business rules into existing applications that allow customers to be compatible with the latest business and technology trends. As a result, and by re-using the existing logic, the team has been able to cost-effectively revitalize previously outdated applications to ensure their availability and viability for current and future users.

Customer Quote:

Wim Martens, CEO at Wayfare, said: “End-users and partners carefully examine the tools that are available to them, as they consider how they can remodernize their applications and processes. Customers and partners are searching for tools from software providers that will allow them to have the flexibility they need to efficiently keep pace with change.”

“We’re seeing an increased interest amongst end-users and partners with regard to the tools that are available on the market nowadays. They are aware of the need of modernizing their application so they can keep or gain a competitive advantage, but they are also very interested in achieving this in a very cost-effective manner. Wayfare has successfully proven that this can be done by using the Progress Pacific platform.”

“Progress Pacific not only provides us with these tools, but also provides our customers and partners with the ability to tailor their applications themselves according to their needs, without the need for deep in-house programming experience or expertise. As a result of all of these factors, we’re now in the unique position of being able to provide a competitive platform that not only meets all of our customers’ needs, but also helps them to produce a better, more effective product. In doing so, it’s also helped us to bring in a number of new customer engagements from companies using legacy technologies, which is another key sign of the value we are able to provide.”

Executive Quote:

Mark Armstrong, vice president and managing director of EMEA at Progress Software, said: “We’re extremely pleased that Wayfare is a trusted development partner for Progress in all of the countries they serve. The combined set of tools provided by Progress Pacific has enabled a degree of flexibility and trust that today’s end-users and application partners are looking for in order to take them and their applications on to the next level. By providing them with a development environment that allows them to structure applications to their individual needs, Wayfare and its customers and partners are now able to more effectively meet the challenges of an ever-changing technological landscape.”

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About Wayfare

Wayfare helps customers address business challenges by combining technical expertise with business expertise to develop the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. Wayfare believes that bringing together the right components in a single environment can enhance productivity and foster more efficient and effective use of technical and business resources.

Wayfare develops software solutions and business applications using modern technologies, such as Progress OpenEdge (ABL, BPM, Corticon), Sky & Cloud Computing, Enabling Tablets & Smart Phones, .Net and Java. The company makes it easy for customers to connect applications to data in already existing systems and integrate with social media and payment systems. To learn more about Wayfare, visit www.wayfare.ro, email business@wayfare.ro or call 0040 264 439 373.

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