Weekly Best/Worst ETF Returns: Japan Rises


Japan-focused ETFs made a comeback in the week ending Thursday, June 13, spiking by as much as 6.54 percent after the previous week’s plummet related to concerns about how higher interest rates in the U.S. could seriously affect the country’s abilities to service its debt.

The iShares MSCI Turkey Investable Market fund (TUR) rallied 5.34 percent, after suffering losses last week in the wake of fairly significant unrest in the streets of Istanbul.

Meanwhile, India ETFs didn’t quite turn the corner and rebound the way markets in Japan and Turkey did, with the Market Vectors India Small-Cap ETF (SCIF) leading that country lower, with losses of 9.22 percent through yesterday. However, the Indian stock market was bouncing higher on Friday.

The S'P 500 climbed 13.8 points, or 0.85 percent, over that same five-day period, closing at 1,636.36 yesterday in a volatile week in which investors weighed how increasing yields in the U.S. may end up hurting performance of riskier assets, such as emerging markets equities or high-yielding bonds in the U.S.

Another casualty of concerns about the Federal Reserve paring quantitative easing as the U.S. economy keeps slowly growing was the Market Vectors Indonesia Small Cap fund (IDXJ), which fell 9.02 percent.

Gold and silver miner funds, which own companies that extract and produce the yellow and white metals, also underperformed. The MarketVectors Junior Gold Miners fund (GDXJ) dropped 8.88 percent, the biggest of the miner funds.

However, the precious metals sector enjoyed overall inflows for the first time in two months, according to HardAssetsInvestor.com’s weekly commodity report.

Top 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and '1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name Weekly Performance Weekly Volume AUM ($, mm)
GRN iPath Global Carbon ETN 8.29% 183,151 0.78
BAL iPath Dow Jones-UBS Cotton Total Return ETN 7.08% 165,749 39.51
DFJ WisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend 6.54% 934,364 258.19
SCJ iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap 6.37% 199,792 87.19
JPP SPDR Russell/Nomura PRIME Japan 6.20% 40,058 33.02
FUE ELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels Total Return ETN 6.06% 1,970 1.12
FJP First Trust Japan AlphaDex 6.03% 84,820 18.73
EWJ iShares MSCI Japan 5.85% 385,838,333 10,816.56
JSC SPDR Russell/Nomura Small Cap Japan 5.62% 130,085 92.62
TUR iShares MSCI Turkey Investable Market 5.34% 6,728,231 749.86

Bottom 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and '1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name Weekly Performance Weekly Volume AUM ($, mm)
JJN iPath Dow Jones-UBS Nickel Total Return ETN -9.76% 1,850 5.38
SCIF Market Vectors India Small-Cap -9.22% 2,251,936 114.08
IDXJ Market Vectors Indonesia Small Cap -9.02% 180,341 9.91
GDXJ Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners -8.88% 14,224,090 1,541.00
GSGO ALPS/GS Momentum Builder Growth Markets Equities and US Treasuries -8.63% 3,950 8.74
GLDX Global X Gold Explorers -7.23% 154,259 30.71
INCO EGShares India Consumer -7.07% 33,056 6.53
SCIN EGShares India Small Cap -6.98% 31,724 19.45
SILJ PureFunds ISE Junior Silver (Small Cap Miners/Explorers) -6.83% 87,200 1.77
INXX EGShares India Infrastructure -6.78% 113,698 60.19

Disclaimer:All data as of 6 a.m. Eastern time the date the article is published. Data is believed to be accurate; however, transient market data is often subject to subsequent revision and correction by the exchanges.

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