Wendy's Bloggers Asks Brands to Reveal Valuable Advice for Mommy Bloggers

June 26, 2013

For the four million Mommy Bloggers who compete for a brand's attention, take note! There is a special skill set to get heard.

"Brands that target Moms and kids recognize the power and impact Mommy Bloggers have on these important segments, but it's simply not enough to get noticed," said Wendy Hirschhorn, CEO of Wendy's Bloggers, a bridge for brands to create relationships with influential Mommy Bloggers. "Every Mommy Blogger has to demonstrate the unique value she can bring to the brand."

As a case in point, six leaders at America's top national brands shared their thoughts on how Mommy Bloggers can best connect with brands and the qualities they seek in top-notch Mommy Bloggers. This is advice worth listening to:

Heather LeedNeary, Chief Marketing Officer, Auntie Anne's

- What advice do you have for Mommy Bloggers who'd like to connect to a national brand?

"When connecting with a brand, concisely outline the synergies that exist between your audience and the brand. This means doing your homework to understand the products and current initiatives the brand is focused on. We're looking to partner with bloggers who demonstrate the ability to truly understand and authentically represent Auntie Anne's.

We want to partner with individuals who are interested in cultivating a longer-term partnership. Our ideal mommy blogger not only wants to report out her findings on the brand and share news, but also offer consumer insights and suggestions.

The ultimate goal is to gain strong brand advocates. We realize we have a responsibility to provide the opportunities for this to happen. One such example occurred on National Pretzel Day, April 26, of this year. We invited a group of mommy bloggers to Lancaster where they connected with brand executives, learned how to roll a pretzel from our founder, 'Auntie' Anne Beiler, graduated from Pretzel University, gained insider information on the brand and provided feedback on potential menu items.

Real-time stats that reinforce a mommy blogger's network influence is a critical piece of information we evaluate. We also consider the level of activity on social media and the quality of content mommy bloggers are generating on these channels."

- What separates good Mommy Bloggers from the bad?

"A good mommy blogger is someone who is easy to work with and demonstrates a mutual respect for the partnership. At the end of the day, we're committed to the same audience moms and we both have a job to do.

Mommy bloggers who ask good questions to fully understand the brand/product and are detail-orientated when it comes to their content are always a pleasure to work with. We welcome fact-checking and would prefer to take the time to provide additional information and assets to produce the best content.

Mommy bloggers who set themselves apart are those who are interested in working with a brand beyond a product review and giveaway. She shows genuine interest in providing feedback so the brand can continue to improve in their interactions and services for moms.

We want to align ourselves with individuals who are committed to the ethical standards of blogging and are professional in their interactions with brands and their followers. This can be considered a 'no-brainer,' but sometimes we encounter individuals who have a sense of entitlement and simply aren't nice and respectable people. We work hard every day to protect the reputation of our brand and we want to work with people who are dedicated to their business and also care about the perceptions they create with others."

Sergio Fuster, Chief Marketing Officer, The Dannon Company

- What advice do you have for Mommy Bloggers who'd like to connect to a national brand?

"As a marketer of a healthful food, we receive a lot of requests to purchase media from bloggers. We think that is only a small part of the value equation. To help us accomplish our mission to get Americans to eat yogurt every day, we know education is essential to break through with the benefits of eating yogurt in a cluttered environment of less healthful breakfast and snack options. Bloggers with a strong and passionate following can be more meaningful partners to marketers if the conversation begins with the broader picture of engaging their following rather than just the reach and cost of a banner ad."

- What separates good Mommy Bloggers from the bad?

"When we look at potential blogger partners we're looking for deeper relationships than just an ad buy. The best bloggers in my opinion are highly protective of their followers and their interests, and the best ones only pursue marketing partners that can add value to the experience of their followers. When bloggers share their honest opinions it benefits everyone involved. Too often we see bloggers copy/pasting other people's opinions. A deeper relationship requires the sharing of the most honest of opinions."

Pierre Lacroix, Regional Director of Marketing/North America,Freudenberg Household Products

- What advice do you have for Mommy Bloggers who'd like to connect to a national brand?

"Use the Brand's Facebook page and corporate website to learn about the brand/products and then, if there is a fit, contact the Brand's consumer affairs department to connect with the marketing team. That could be the beginning of a long-term partnership."

- What separates good Mommy Bloggers from the bad?

"The best Mommy Bloggers are those who are open to sharing their experience with a product in a way that covers all angles and situations. There are always two sides of a medal. A video would be much more interesting for the audience than a simple review. Finally, the testing method should always be the same, no matter what product is reviewed."

Sheri Crisenbery, Vice President, Lenox Brand

- What advice do you have for Mommy Bloggers who'd like to connect to a national brand?

"It's helpful when hearing from bloggers to immediately understand who their target audience is and the particular style and focus of their blog. Also helpful is a detailed explanation of how the Lenox brand will be featured in the blog. Most brands, Lenox included, offer a variety of products and services and Mommy Bloggers who wish to successfully engage with these brands should have a detailed strategy in mind when approaching them."

- What separates good Mommy Bloggers from the bad?

"Blogs are no different than any other communication vehicle that is vying for the attention of a busy audience surrounded by many options for information and entertainment. Like printed magazines, blogs with a defined point of view that embraces a wide audience combined with good writing, striking images and effective design will appeal to more readers."

Michael Sands,Co-founder, Rickland Orchards

- What advice do you have for Mommy Bloggers who'd like to connect to a national brand?

"Brands get solicited all the time for free products. Mommy Bloggers should know that we support them, but they need to send examples of their product reviews and their follower stats so we can quickly evaluate and not waste each other's time. Any company that believes in its products should not be afraid to request a review, as long as the Mommy Blogger's history is fair."

Mike Rittberg, Vice President Artist Development & Promotion, Universal Music Group

- What advice do you have for Mommy Bloggers who'd like to connect to a national brand?

"It's important for Mommy Bloggers to have a keen understanding of the brand's strategy and the market it is trying to reach. As an example, if your forte is writing about vegetables, you should explain how you're going to make your blog relevant to music."

- What separates good Mommy Bloggers from the bad?

"Good Mommy Bloggers do research to make sure they're emailing the right person or department. What typically happens is that the Mommy Blogger's email winds up in the wrong hands and it simply does not get forwarded to the person they need to reach."

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