Why Apple could succeed in the phablet market with the iPhone 6

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Why Apple introducing a 12.9-inch iPad could affect the market (Part 6 of 7)

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More than half of surveyed people are interested in an Apple phablet

In the previous part of this series, we discussed why the phablet market could grow fast. We also discussed how a number of players have launched at least one phablet. The only major player that has yet to launch a phablet is Apple (AAPL), and it should launch it next month.

According to a survey conducted by BI Intelligence on 220 people, asking them about their preference for phablet brands, a surprising 56% mentioned that they would be interested in buying an Apple phablet. This is even more surprising, considering this product doesn’t exist.

As the chart below shows, 22% of people mentioned Samsung (SSNLF) as their preferred brand, based on Google’s (GOOG)(GOOGL) Android operating system. Also, 7% mentioned Nokia (NOK) Lumia as the preferred brand, based on Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows Phone platform.

Consumers find the iPhone’s smaller screen size an issue

According to another survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets and as reported by AppleInsider, 65% of people would consider buying an iPhone if Apple offered a larger screen. According to the same survey, 35% of respondents said that high prices prevent them from buying an iPhone. Meanwhile, a surprising 33% of respondents mentioned that the iPhone’s smaller screen size is what stops them.

These surveys show that the iPhone 6 should be an instant success if it’s launched as a phablet.

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