Why Outsource, Why Now? ADP Launches New Executive Brief

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Why Outsource ? Why Now ?

In today’s uncertain business climate, executives and organizations need to be financially stronger, more adaptable, and more efficient to respond to shifting market conditions.

The Economist Intelligence Unit found that nearly 90% of executives believe that organizational agility is critical for business success, but more than 15% of respondents feel they are at a competitive disadvantage because they are not agile enough to adapt to market changes.

To be able to adapt to change, organizations need to free up resources and become more responsive to changing market conditions. Companies that do this the right way are likely to be more productive and have stronger operational processes in place to rebound faster from economic downturns. In other words, they will maximize their cash flow, maximize productivity and standardize compliance.

Resources – Maximizig cash flow

Outsourcing enables organizations to reduce the size of non-strategic functions and scale operations to meet changing business needs. This ultimately improves gross margins and increases cash flow which allows businesses to make investments that will better position themselves to not only survive the current economic conditions but emerge as leaders when the economic conditions turn in their favor.

People – maximizing productivity

Even before the current economic crisis struck, it was clear that HR professionals needed to create added value by taking on a more strategic role and collaborating more closely with business managers. Yet many people continue to spend their working lives on tasks that could easily be automated and handed over to external providers.

Process – Standardization and compliance

Companies that have strong internal processes are more flexible and can take advantage of competitive opportunities more easily. Current market conditions may both present opportunities as well as force companies to change their business models to adapt.

Find out how outsourcing can help you achieve these goals. Get a spotlight on payroll and HR outsourcing.

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