Winchester Equities Launches New Website,

Innovative Real Estate Options Program Pioneers New Method for Transacting Deposits in Real Estate Investments

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NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Winchester Equities, LLC, a fully independent real estate investment firm, today announced the launch of their new website, The new website is designed to inform those investing in real estate about the company's new innovative soft money deposit program. The website offers real time quotes on a specific transaction on any building a buyer is considering for purchase.

A soft deposit is a refundable deposit made to a seller showing that a buyer is serious about purchasing a property. It gives buyers the time and control they need to gather all the information, economic analysis and begin procurement of debt and equity for their transaction. To compete in today's fiercely competitive real estate market one must act quickly to avoid the risk of losing a deal. Winchester's Soft Deposit program gives purchasers a tremendous advantage to act quickly even while they may have a temporary lack of liquidity. Deposits are typically held by the seller's attorney's escrow account or a national escrow agent.

"Until now, investing in real estate has always required buyers to have immediate liquidity so that they can put down a deposit on the target property and secure it under contract," said Avi Benamu, Managing Partner at Winchester Equities. "Our program is similar to a stock option and is changing the way real estate investors see the market.  You could say that it is the first real estate option of its kind.  Through our program, a purchaser can secure a contract on a property for a nominal fee and Winchester will fund 100% of the negotiated earnest deposit.   This flexibility is giving buyers the control they need to participate in today's competitive real estate market."

Once an investor finds a property that they are interested in purchasing, Winchester Equities will review the draft contract to determine if it qualifies for this program.  If approved, Winchester will enter into an Option Agreement with the purchaser and put up 100 percent of the soft deposit required by the seller.  The building is immediately under contract giving the buyer the necessary time and control to conduct his due diligence and begin securing debt & equity for the acquisition.  At any point during the option period, the buyer can decide to exercise the option and complete the purchase with the seller or walk away from the deal. Winchester Equities is backed by a family office and has the resources to deploy $300-$400 million over the next twelve to eighteen months. streamlines the process through the delivery of real time quotes and its step by step transaction management system in the backend. 

About Winchester Equities
Winchester Equities is a fully independent real estate investment firm headquartered in the heart of Manhattan. Our firm's investor network has a global reach of individual and institutional investors across North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Winchester pursues a disciplined investment approach identifying attractive off-market opportunities with significant upside potential and controllable downside protection.  We focus on value-added or opportunistic properties in the office, retail, hotel and multifamily sectors, which they acquire to be repositioned or redeveloped. We commit only to investments that offer clear, realistic exit strategies primarily through refinancing and sales. We believe that a disciplined approach at the time of purchase enables it to better assess exit alternatives as they arise.

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