Wise Noodles Announces All-Inclusive Programme of Recruitment Support

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LONDON, July 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

Wise Noodles is pleased to announce the launch of a recruitment support programme which offers an all-encompassing alternative to the traditional recruitment agency model. Including recruitment strategy, job specification, CV screening, telephone interviews, technical testing and interview support. This is all achieved using the Wise Noodles way which focuses on high quality candidates rather than meeting quotas.


Why the recruitment agency is not your friend 

Recruitment is run a bit like a car sales yard, or perhaps the latest call centre trying to sell PPI insurance, in that recruitment is sales driven. Rather than providing a service, recruitment agencies use CVs as a tool to meet their quotas and goals. At the end of the day, they aren't bothered if the candidates they put forward are the right fit for the job, only that they get to check their boxes.

When recruitment works purely on achieving key performance indicators (KPIs), winning placement fees becomes more attractive than sending through the most appropriate candidates for the role. This leads to a high staff turnover and priority of self-interest on the part of the recruitment agent. In other words, they're not looking out for the client.

It seems like for a high price, business are rewarded with candidates that have been churned around the system for what seems like millennia, where assumptions are made that candidate experience or qualifications guarantees competence. We know that isn't always the case, and unlike recruitment agencies take pride in assessing candidate skills and getting the right fit.


Take the Wise Noodles way  

The Wise Noodles way encompasses a completely different approach to recruitment by offering an inclusive package that attacks the issues facing recruitment head on. We understand that a budget is often stretched, especially so when recruitment agencies often charge 20% of the yearly salary to do little more than match keywords to CVs. In the interests of doing things differently, Wise Noodles is able to offer a set price for a fully inclusive recruitment programme that operates from start to finish. This process includes;

  • Recruitment strategy consultancy;
  • Crafting the ideal job specification;
  • Reviewing CVs with an efficient process;
  • Conducting telephone interviews;
  • Carrying out technical testing;
  • Delivering a personal, face-to-face interview.

This process can take as little as two weeks and comes at a transparent set price - we'd like to see a recruitment agency move at that speed without a significant price hike! More than that, we are committed to ensuring that presenting the client with between 3 - 5 ideal candidates is as simple and undisruptive as possible, therefore from beginning to end every step can be conducted off site - out of sight, out of mind.

Wise Noodles wants to be immersed in current teams and goals, understanding the company ethos and critically, taking a look at the budget. This way, we can put together a short or long term recruitment strategy to get the best outcome.


An encompassing approach  

The average job listing sets out a written description of the position by including the job title, essential competencies and requirements. However, here at Wise Noodles we believe that job specifications are no longer used just for screening candidates. Whilst a well-crafted job specification can be an invaluable aid during the recruitment process, it also allows the business owner to report on relationships and working conditions.

We are aware of the attraction of recruitment agencies to take away the hassle of receiving a myriad of useless CVs and having to pick through for the gems; this can be a daunting and time consuming process. However in our recruitment package a CV screening service comes as standard, so that we only present those that deserve consideration for the post. But we don't stop there. In typical Wise Noodles style we will go one step further and conduct a quick 30 minute phone interview to ensure that the candidate really is as impressive as they sound on paper.

Once we are sure that these candidates have the correct qualifications, it's important to know whether any of these candidates will fit in well within a company. The two-step selection process advocated by Wise Noodles means that the employer can conduct a phone interview and possibly combine this with a technical test, to ensure the candidates have a solid understanding of the technologies they choose to specialise in. Those who are successful will proceed to a more personal, on-site interview. This way, the client knows that when they are judging candidates based on personality, we have already made sure that their technical knowledge is up to par.

By choosing Wise Noodles companies are not only saving yourself some serious cash by taking advantage of our transparent pricing structure, but also getting so much more than what is offered by a recruitment agency; in short we go above and beyond. Our comprehensive hiring processes will separate the wheat from the chaff and are present with supreme candidates to fit a carefully sculpted job specification.


About Wise Noodles

Wise Noodles prides itself on delivering world class technical leadership, consultancy and training. Whatever your business needs, Wise Noodles can help you to reach your goals by providing high quality, dependable and honest leadership, consultancy and training.

Wise Noodles consultants are devoted professionals with a strong commitment to their expertise. Consistently building their skills and staying up to date with their knowledge, Wise Noodle consultants have a true passion for their work, and this shines through in all they do.

Let Wise Noodles be your guide in the right direction, whether that be through implementing business guidance, honing the skills of existing employees or providing contacts to developers who will get your project off the ground.

Get in touch, and find out just what Wise Noodles can do for you.

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