World Surveillance Group Files U.S. Patent Application on Airship Design

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL--(Marketwire -02/29/12)- World Surveillance Group Inc. (OTC.BB: WSGI.OB - News), a developer of lighter-than-air ("LTA") unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs") and related technologies, announced today that it has filed a United States patent application for an airship design and a method of controlling the airship based on its Argus One UAV. WSGI filed the U.S. patent application to protect its intellectual property in the unique airship design that is the foundation of the Company's UAV research and development program. WSGI intends not only to improve and commercialize its mid-altitude Argus One airship, but to expand on its airship design to develop next generation UAVs with longer durations, higher altitudes and increased payload capacities, including the Stratellite™, a long endurance airship intended to operate in the lower stratosphere.

The U.S. patent application is for an LTA unmanned, autonomous airship with automated control for individual modules for improved flight stability and aerodynamic control. The design features the ability to control the rigidity between each module and the ability to pivot. The modules are operated by microcontrollers based on aerodynamic requirements. The airship's altitude, overall response and handling characteristics and flight control utilizes a system of ballonets contained within each individual module, thereby creating a dynamically adjustable airship.

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World Surveillance Group Inc. (OTC.BB: WSGI.OB - News) designs, develops, markets and sells autonomous, lighter-than-air UAVs capable of carrying payloads that provide persistent security and/or wireless communications solutions at low, mid, and high altitudes. WSGI's airships, when integrated with electronics systems and other high technology payloads, are designed for use by government-related and commercial entities that require real-time intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance or communications support for military, homeland defense, border control, drug interdiction, natural disaster relief and maritime missions. For more information regarding WSGI, please visit, or view our reports and filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission on

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