New York Will Likely Ban Underage Models In Fashion Shoots Featuring Nudity

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ondria hardin


Ondria Hardin at age 15, for Vogue.

New York state legislators are on track to pass a law before Fashion Week in September regulating work conditions for under-age models.

The new rules would ban nudity on sets, and require models be allowed to eat, according to Women's E-News:

If it passes, all New York Fashion Week shows and local magazine shoots there would require such things as chaperones on set, tutors on set, consent forms for nudity, no 16-plus-hour days and access to food.

The new law will be a culture shock in the fashion world, which has a long troubling history of using underage girls in nude or inappropriately sexual photo shoots.

Vogue, for instance, has repeatedly used the 15-year-old Ondria Hardin in shoots despite promising not use girls under 16 as models. Prada used Hardin in a "sexy" ad when she was just 13.

The fashion business has voluntary guidelines banning the use of under-16s on runways, but models and agents have been known to lie about girls' ages to get work. And 87% of models have been subjected to a surprise request for nudity during a photo session.

The law's sponsors have proposed a fine of $1,000 per violation.

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