New Zealand Reds Take Centre Stage at Prowine China 2013

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New platform for producers and industry professionals showcases outstanding Pinot Noir, Bordeaux-styled blends and Syrah from 13-15 November 2013

BEIJING, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- New Zealand's outstanding red wines took centre stage at ProWine China 2013, a new platform for producers and industry professionals at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 13-15 November 2013.

Continuing its high profile promotion of the New Zealand wine brand across China this year, New Zealand Wine focused on red wines -- rather than the country's most internationally renowned white Sauvignon Blanc -- at the showcase focused on informing Chinese retailers and importers of latest trends and wines.

At the educational-networking event, New Zealand Wine presented three flights of New Zealand reds at tastings led by Chinese wine educator Martin Hao -- where their purity and subtlety was well received as eminently appealing to China’s taste for flavourful red wine.

"New Zealand wine is far more than just Sauvignon Blanc," said Mike Arand, the Shanghai-based Trade Commissioner for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE). "This time we showcased some of the most interesting red wines from 'middle earth -- Pinot Noir' and full-bodied reds."

"While our Sauvignon Blanc are celebrated among the world's finest, New Zealand has for some time also being increasingly recognised and acclaimed among top producers of Pinot Noir, the classic Burgundy grape, as well as top Bordeaux-style blends and Syrah."

"NZTE and New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW) are making a significant commitment in China to position New Zealand as a premium wine producer, and provide greater opportunities for sales of New Zealand wine in China," added Mr Arand.

The joint Wine High Impact Program aims to "consolidate and strengthen New Zealand's market share" as wine exports to mainland China have soared from 200,000 litres in 2007 to 2.5 million litres in 2013 (as of June 2013). In value terms, exports have risen from RMB 10 million in 2007 to RMB 135 million in 2013, and China is now New Zealand’s fifth largest wine export market.

The export boom has been especially notable since the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and China in 2008.


About Wine High Impact Program

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and New Zealand Winegrowers (NZW) are working together to promote New Zealand's wine brand as a premium offering through the Wine High Impact Program into markets where there are significant opportunities for New Zealand Wine, namely China, the United States and Europe.

NZTE and NZW have made a significant commitment to the New Zealand wine category in China over the next three-to-five-years via the program, with an export value target of NZ$150 million (US$120 million) by 2020. *Exchange Rate: NZ$1=US$0.8

The program focuses on leveraging key Chinese influencers to build the profile of New Zealand as a producer of consistently high quality wines; delivering a comprehensive program of events; conducting a traditional and social media campaign; and providing trade education which will include a program of targeted workshops in New Zealand that will provide New Zealand Wine companies with local market information to help with developing effective strategies for managing and growing their business in China.

About New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is New Zealand's international business development agency. Our role is to help New Zealand businesses grow into international markets. Through a global network of 46 offices, we connect New Zealand businesses with the world, sharing opportunities, knowledge, experience and networks.

For further information please visit, Twitter @NZ_Global.

About New Zealand Winegrowers

New Zealand Winegrowers is the national organisation for New Zealand's grape and wine sector.

New Zealand Winegrowers conducts a wide range of tasks on behalf of the wine industry including: advocacy at regional, local and international levels; providing a global marketing platform for New Zealand wine; facilitating world-class research on industry priorities; giving the industry timely and strategic information; and organising sector-wide events. These activities are developed around the goal of "Building a Great New Zealand Wine Industry".

New Zealand Winegrowers is based in Auckland, New Zealand, with overseas offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

For further information please visit


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