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    Reuters31 minutes ago

    Berkshire Hathaway gains $1.6 billion from its huge bite of Apple

    Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc is sitting on more than $1.6 billion of gains in its investment in Apple Inc. after shares of the iPhone maker surged. Berkshire revealed that its massive stake in Apple stock, as of Dec. 31, had risen to 61.2 million shares for a total of $6.75 billion, an average of about $110.17 apiece, according to the annual report Saturday from Berkshire. As of Friday's closing price of $136.66, Berkshire's holding of Apple was valued at more than $8.3 billion.

  • IWM
    Forbes32 minutes ago

    Markets To Watch In The Week Ahead

    The shallow pullback last week may be the only correction we will see before the major averages move even higher. March and April are often two of the best months for sector ETFs but with a heavy economic calendar this week a correction still cannot be ruled out here is what to watch...

  • AAPL
    Forbes41 minutes ago

    Why 'Pokémon GO' Should Remove Stardust From The Game Entirely

    Stardust has been a core part of Pokémon GO since launch, but it's a limiting factor in upgrading non-essential Pokémon, which goes against the spirit of the handheld original.