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10 Essentials: The Hovey Sisters

See Eyewear - "I got glasses for the first time in seventh grade and was shocked to see that trees did actually have individual leaves from across the street and that brick buildings didn’t just fade into a big reddish square once you stood on the sidewalk. I’m blind. Our mom was too, and she always figured that she’d embrace it with massive Carrie Donovan-type options. I’ve been wearing thick frames since middle school and am onto my fifth pair from See Eyewear."

10 Essentials: The Hovey Sisters

November 24, 2012

If Hollister and Porter Hovey aren't on your design radar, they should be. Aside from sharing a spectacular apartment, the sisters also founded Hovey Design, a Brooklyn-based design firm that allows the pair to indulge in their passion for exquisite eccentricities and well-made classics. With a newly launched wallpaper design from Anthropologie, and their first book, Heirloom Modern, being released this Spring and available for preorder now, it's hard to guess what these stylish sisters will do next. We caught up with them to chat about some of their favorite things - from toy soldiers to handbags. Keep reading to discover which essentials they couldn't do without.

Photo: Andrew Casey