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10 Favorite Things: Chloe Warner

All of Hitchcock's sets are spectacular but I particularly love the Chicago hotel in North by Northwest. Please peep that flowering branch behind the hairdo and the huge lampshades. Killer. Source: Warner Bros

10 Favorite Things: Chloe Warner

January 11, 2013

If we weren't already friends with Chloe Warner, she would be at the top of our "To Stalk" list. Her penchant for print-on-print action and unexpected details make her one of our favorite interior designers, while her reliably sophisticated (but never boring) style has made her a client favorite. We called Chloe at the offices of her San Francisco based firm Redmond Aldrich Designs (RAD, for short) to ask her about 10 things she is loving right now. Read on to find out what is making Chloe purr like a kitten these days.

Source, clockwise from left: Studio Choo Flowers, Melanie Acevedo, and Naseema Khan for Eater SF