55th Venice Biennale celebrates the

55th Venice Biennale celebrates the outsider
Associated Press

In this photo taken on May 25 2013, Biennale curator Massimiliano Gioni poses for photos in Venice, Italy. Massimiliano Gioni is the youngest curator ever at the world's oldest contemporary art fair — the Venice Biennale. Yet it is not so much his relative youth, at age 39, that gives him an edge as he presents the main show of the prestigious event that can make or break the careers of the artists who are exhibited, but his experience. "I wanted to make a show that is open to people who are not expected to be in the Biennale. If with youth comes innovation, I am happy," Gioni said in an interview. "Youth for the sake of youth is always a way to brand products." (AP Photo/Luigi Costantini)

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