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Behind the Doors of Ruby Press's Girlishly Mod Office

CS: What were the immediate changes you made? MD: Oh, we had the carpet pulled out (it was industrial, bright blue carpet) and replaced with a wall-to-wall sisal. We had the walls covered in a few coats of fresh white paint (they were mustard yellow) and had the handblown purple hanging light fixtures replaced with modern glass globes. Once those changes were made, the space was the beautiful blank canvas I knew it would be

Behind the Doors of Ruby Press's Girlishly Mod Office

January 22, 2013

After spending almost a decade as a fashion editor in New York before switching coasts and careers to set up PR shop in California, Melissa Davis feels anchored in her style-driven destiny. Her boutique PR agency, Ruby Press, represents a bevy of beautiful brands suited for bon vivants, including home decor, fashion, and beauty. The agency's office space feels airy and feminine, with an expertly curated mix of vintage and modern pieces at prices that range from high to low. Melissa proves that a disciplined eye and creative mind can be the best components for cultivating a comfortable yet covet-worthy office – keep reading to see how she does it!

Photos courtesy of Kristen Loken Photography