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Business of Marijuana

John Davis, chairman of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics self-regulating trade organization, and co-owner of the Northwest Patient Resource Center medical marijuana dispensary, poses for a photo next to the CCSE certification logo, at his dispensary in Seattle. After voters weighed in on election day, Colorado and Washington became the first states to allow pot for recreational use, but they are likely to face resistance from federal drug warriors. Davis, who says it would make sense for his business to evolve from serving medical patients to the general public, says that the CCSE has offered to work with Washington state regulators to help them develop policy and legal guidelines relating to the legal use of marijuana.

The Business of Marijuana

November 9, 2012

Currently there are 18 states in the U.S. that allow for the cultivation and distribution of medicinal marijuana to approved patients with prescriptions from their doctors. On Nov. 6, Colorado and Washington passed measures to extend the legislation to permit recreational use of marijuana.