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A Converted Barn Becomes Designer Glenda Martin's Legacy

"My mom was very happy with this house and with living here," says Jessica. "Looking at it, I can see the full arc of her career and everything she adored: the stone wall she fell in love with in France, the pebble tile in the bathroom and the smooth floors with radiant heat beneath. After she died, I thought it would be a sad place, but it's the opposite. It has a wonderful energy." Today, her family keeps the house as Martin designed it and uses it as a retreat for family and friends. "My mom loved beauty; she sought it out and created it," says Jessica. "People called her Glenda the Good Witch, and she really was. She could make beautiful things happen."

A Converted Barn Becomes Designer Glenda Martin's Legacy

November 30, 2012

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Interior designer Glenda Martin worked on the offices of some of Silicon Valley's largest tech companies and, later, on the luxurious homes of the people who founded them. But what she considered her best work was her smallest-a 650-square-foot barn-turned-house that she designed for herself in Sonoma County. Halfway through the six-month project, Martin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She lived in the home for only eight months before passing away. Through the windows Martin had carefully placed at each end of her bedroom, her family could see the sun setting in the west and a full moon rising in the east.