Law & Crime Breaking News: Anderson Cooper -- Stalker

Law & Crime Breaking News: Anderson Cooper -- Stalker Arraigned
A self-proclaimed gay, Jewish white supremacist was in court facing charges that he has terrorized Anderson Cooper and threatened him."40-year-old Alex Hausner has allegedly stalked Cooper for 5 years, but things escalated last month when he showed up at the CNN star's home, trying to kick down the front door of the converted firehouse One of three women held captive in a Cleveland home for a decade appeared at a public event for the first time since her rescue, a day after her abductor pleaded guilty in the case.Amanda Berry made a surprise appearance at the daylong concert RoverFest in Cleveland on, walking on stage with her family and waving at the cheering crowd. With all the media attention surrounding Paula Deen and that nasty lawsuit, it looks like the celebrity chef's attorneys are taking every possible action to ensure she gets a fair trial. Deen's legal team has filed a motion for issuance of juror questionnaires, according to court papers obtained by Celebuzz. Identifying the 66-year-old Deen as a ?nationally known personality,? the papers state that media and public attention ?has reached a frenzy, in which stories concerning Mrs. Deen, Plaintiff, and this case have been among the top national news stories.?
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