Merkel urges stronger Europe, global d

Merkel urges stronger Europe, global data rules
Associated Press

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends the ARD (German public broadcaster) Summer Interview with Ulrich Deppendorf and Rainald Becker, unseen,  in Berlin, Germany, Sunday July 14, 2013. In backgound the German parliament building, Reichstag. Merkel was asked about NSA , the European financial crisis and about Egypt. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is urging Egypt’s new rulers not to exclude the Muslim Brotherhood of the country’s ousted president as they work on plans for the future. Merkel renewed in the interview Sunday with ARD television Germany’s call for the release of Morsi, who was ousted by the military nearly two weeks ago. The U.S. has backed that call. (AP Photo/dpa,Soeren Stache)

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