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Twin gorillas and soaked lions: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

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Highly Commended, Urban Wildlife: 'Primate Moments' by Marcos Sobral, Portugal. Varanasi in northern India is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities. Over hundreds of years, rhesus macaques have adapted to living alongside the people there, even inhabiting temples, where locals feed them as a form of worship. To show the remarkable way that people and monkeys co-exist, Marcos chose a rooftop view so he could look down on a scene. "I waited for more than an hour at this spot," Marcos says, "holding heavy camera gear, being bitten to bits by mosquitoes", while monkeys hung around eyeing his equipment and the light faded." At last the scene he was hoping for unfolded. The moment he saw the mother, top right, lifting her baby while a pair of monkeys tended their infant close by, he knew he had the shot. (Marcos Sobral/ Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

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Soaking wet lions in the Serengeti, toads emerging from the water and a bear catching his dinner are just some of the stunning pictures recognised by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. The competition, now in its 49th year, attracted 43,000 entries from 96 countries around the world. The unique insight into the natural world will be on exhibition at the Natural History Museum in partnership with BBC Worldwide from October 18. Take a look at the commended and specially commended images...

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