Twin gorillas and soaked lions: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013

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Specially Commended, Underwater Worlds: &#39;Pearls of Spring&#39; by Solvin Zankl, Germany. Each year Solvin marks the end of winter by going into the field to photograph toads emerging from hibernation and migrating to their breeding ponds. This time he went to Solling, in western Germany, a wildlife haven with both forests and wetlands. As the ponds began to boil with mating toads, he chose his location and carefully lowered his camera and strobes into the water, trying to avoid disturbing either the toads or the muddy bottom. By linking his camera to his laptop with a special USB wire, he could see all the activity below the surface and take intimate, non-invasive pictures. ‘To me the toadspawn looks like threaded black pearls,’ says Solvin, ‘neatly arranged in the scenery.’ He was captivated by the event, as he has been since childhood, and rejoiced in the spring sunlight and the sounds of frogs, toads and running water – ‘all somehow reassuring after the long winter’. (Solvin Zankl/Wildlife Photography Awards)<br /><br />

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Soaking wet lions in the Serengeti, toads emerging from the water and a bear catching his dinner are just some of the stunning pictures recognised by the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards. The competition, now in its 49th year, attracted 43,000 entries from 96 countries around the world. The unique insight into the natural world will be on exhibition at the Natural History Museum in partnership with BBC Worldwide from October 18. Take a look at the commended and specially commended images...

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